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Seed Starting Indoors

In the book No Guff Vegetable Gardening we give our top 3 Seed Starting tips.No Guff Vegetable Gardening 

These are tips for starting "transplants" indoors; plants such as tomatoes, that need to get a head start inside, before being transplanted into the garden.

These tips short and simple--but really make a difference. Here they are:

  1. Good light is the secret to good seedlings.
  2. Speed up germination with heat.
  3. Water gently.

Good light prevents spindly, floppy seedlings that topple over as soon as you put them in the garden.

Heatspeeds up germination. After you sow your seeds, put them on top of a refrigerator (a refrigerator gives off heat), a radiator (if you have hot water heating), or get a heat mat, which is pretty much a waterproof heating pad for plants. Warning: once your seeds have sprouted, remove them from heat--and put them in a cooler spot for growing.

Water gently as it's easy to bowl over your tender young seedlings with too strong a jet of water.