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Garden Guff from Savvygardening.com

In No Guff Vegetable Gardening we turn the notion of guff—nonsense and silly talk—into a character, Ernie McGuff, a.k.a. Guff.

Our friend Guff is well-meaning, but he likes pointless products, empty buzzwords, and impractical ideas. So we share Guff’s guff with readers, because guff gets in the way of fun in the garden.

And gardening should be fun!

SO WE ARE STOKED that four fun garden-writing friends have a new blog, savvygardening.com, where they talk about neat ideas, cool research, and sensible advice.

In this podcast, savvygardening.com bloggers Niki Jabbour, Amy Andrychowicz, Tara Nola, and Jessica Walliser talk about their favourite garden guff with Steve.

Click here for Savvygardening Guff podcast